Extreme-B, Flipping Ideas
Video Editing​​​​​​​
How do you shift a train ride turned bee attack into an exciting tourist attraction? Well my solution was to advertise it towards adrenaline junkies. Through the use of illustration and video I rebranded a railroad as a bee obstacle course.

Extreme-B Video ad 1

Extreme-B Video ad 2

Extreme-B Video ad 3

Extreme-B was all about flipping ideas. These videos help expand on the world that my posters began to create for this tourist attraction. My main goal here was to capture the feeling of Extreme-B and show what a bee attack on a train might look like as a montage video.

Extreme-B Poster Advertisements

With these posters I was trying to capture the energy of Extreme-B. My inspiration came from illustrated racing posters and art deco train artwork.

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